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Rochester has long been a special home for swing dancing and Lindy Hop.  Many people over so many years have devoted themselves to keeping the dance we love alive and thriving in our city.  The time is right to gather everyone together and celebrate our past, present, and bright future!


This event is not only for current Rochesterians and those who once called Rochester their home, but also for everyone who we have welcomed to our fair city these past 20 years.  Come join us again for a weekend to remember!  Reconnect with old friends and rediscover the magic of swing dance!  


Never been dancing in Rochester?  You are welcome at this event too!  We think we have a really special thing going on here, and would love for you to enjoy what we've been putting our hearts into for so long.  Community is what we're all about, and we'd love to welcome you to ours!

And be sure to invite your friends so we can make this the best weekend ever!