In Rochester, we have always valued our dance community.  The spirit of Lindy Hop is a generous and happy one, and we've seen that reflected in the wonderful people that have been a part of this community over the years.  Welcoming out-of-town dancers has been a tradition since the early days, and we always hope visitors feel that sense of togetherness that makes our events so special.


With so many milestone anniversaries happening in 2019, we felt a celebration was in order.  We plan to have a grand old time, where all generations of swing dancers can come together and enjoy the music and dance we've all fallen in love with.


We'll be recognizing Rochester Swing Dance Network, Rochester Swing-In, Rochester Lindy Jam, and Groove Juice Swing, the members of which have all poured endless love and energy into dances, classes and events over the years.  We hope to see many dear friends and familiar faces during the weekend, and plan to have family-friendly dance opportunities as well as our regular nighttime dances.